Just after I wrote a piece glorifying Matt Holliday’s impressive career stats at Coors Field and predicting him to hit at least one homer in the following game, Holliday went hitless in Thursday night’s 8-2 loss to the Rockies, going 0-3 with a walk. My bad, Matt. It wasn’t just him who struggled though… the Cards recorded a paltry total of five hits in the game. Not the way Holliday or the Cardinals wanted to finish out the series.

Thursday was the last time the Cardinals and Rockies will face each other this year, and despite the 0-for tonight, Holliday finishes with stats of a .481 average and 5 bombs in seven games this season against his former mates. If you ask me, I bet he’s counting down the days until the 2013 schedule is released this September, so he can see when he’ll be rocking the Rockies next, especially on the road.