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The 2014 Homerun Derby was one for the ages. The final became a battle of David and Goliath as Cespedes tried to defend his crown against the unknown Fraiser.

The game was exciting from start to finish after, of course, a rain delay. My favorite moment was the look on Puig’s face when he reached his seventh out hitting zero homeruns. The single round homerun leader was Bautista with 10 homers in the first inning. However, he dropped in the third round to Cespedes.

The final was Cespedes vs. Fraiser. Fraiser allowed Cespedes to go first, thinking that Cespedes was tired after hitting seven homers in the 3rd round. Fraiser was sadly mistaken. Cespedes hit five homers with only three outs (of seven). Fraiser’s highest tally was 6 homers prior to the final. The ESPN commentators even called Cespedes the Iron Man during his tireless at bat finishing with 9 homers in the final but 30 overall.

Fraiser had an uphill battle. Before the final, Fraiser had only hit a total of 10 home runs. With one out left, he needed nine homers to beat Cespedes. Fraiser sputtered out only a single homer in the final round despite the inspirational “Don’t Stop Believin” playing in the background. This time, Goliath hammered David.

Fraiser did his best but could beat Cespedes in the Derby Final
Fraiser did his best but could beat Cespedes in the Derby Final