Following Tuesday night’s victory, I chatted with Ed Coleman of 660 WFAN-NY, the home radio station for New York Mets. Here’s what he had to say about Tuesday’s victory and Wednesday’s upcoming game:

Steve Hirsch: What do you think made Jaime Garcia so effective tonight against the Mets lineup?

Ed Coleman: His changeup was great. He threw strikes and attacked the hitters. He was impressive and he certainly hasn’t been like that since he’s come back from the DL. He also has a history of playing well against the Mets. And though the Mets have not been very good against lefties this season, he certainly looked very impressive tonight.

SH: Adam Wainwright gets the start tomorrow. Do you think Mets fans still feel a type of vengeance towards him back from 2006?

EC: I think it has gone away a little bit. There was a lot of talk about it when Carlos Beltran signed with the Cardinals during the off-season since the two of them are back together on the same team, but it’s mostly gone. [The Wainwright-Beltran At-bat] is obviously a very crucial moment that a lot of Mets fans would like to forget back in 2006, but I don’t think there are that many hard feelings for Adam Wainwright.

SH: Knowing what you know about the Cardinals lineup, how do you think they will fare against RA Dickey?

EC: Well, I found out that Mike Matheny doesn’t want his players hitting before the game. I don’t know exactly if it’s because of the knuckleball or something else but it’s not a bad idea…just to have them take their hacks against him. I would imagine that Matheny would still rest some of his regulars since Beltran is banged up and Berkman still isn’t one hundred percent, so I’m not exactly sure whose going to start. He has had the same lineup the first two games so I would imagine he would have to sit some of those guys, possibly Yadier Molina so he wouldn’t have to catch three in a row. But then again Dickey has done a pretty good job against just about every lineup he has faced this year so I guess we’ll see.

SH: Do you think Mets fans are happy to see Carlos Beltran thrive in St. Louis or are they just happy to see him out of New York?

EC: The thing was they got a pretty good pitcher for Beltran. He was never going to stay in New York so they used him at the trading deadline to bring back a pretty good young pitcher [Zack Wheeler] who will probably be in the Major Leagues at some point next year.When the fans see Wheeler, they’ll appreciate the value of Beltran more, but I think they were pretty happy [when the trade happened]. I’ve said this to a lot of fans and on the air, but every scout that I’ve talked to since Spring Training this year has raved about Wheeler. Whether he turns out to be the same on the Major League level, we’ll see, but for now it’s pretty pleasant. So Beltran was going to go and when you bring back a kid like Wheeler, that’s really all Mets fans could ask for.

SH: What were your thoughts on Matt Harvey tonight? Obviously he is still adjusting to pitching in the Major Leagues, but do you think he seemed a little overmatched by the Cardinals lineup?

EC: Harvey can handle any lineup from what I’ve seen. He’s faced good ones and some that hes felt overmatched, but he knows how to pitch on this level. I think tonight the walks obviously hurt him and while he tends to pitch inside, the problem was he pitched too inside and not throwing pitches for strikes. And the Cardinals knew that if he wasn’t making efficient pitches inside, he was going to go away and that’s exactly what the Cardinals did as they took a lot of his pitches the other way. Other than that, I thought he did a pretty good job and it could have been a lot worse considering the number of hits and base runners he let up.

Ed Coleman is the host of Mets Extra on 660 WFAN-NY.