Fantasy Baseball season is upon us. But you are having difficulty deciding who to draft. Let’s take a look at who might be worth it on this Cardinals team.

In preparation for the upcoming Fantasy Baseball season, ESPN has published their annual pre-draft ranking of all the players in the league. Among all Cardinals’ batters, Matt Carpenter was ranked first (4th best at his position in the whole league), followed by Kolten Wong (13th best at his position) and Matt Holliday (97 best at his position). These projections come from how well ESPN expects each player to perform this year. Yeah, ESPN doesn’t expect this offense to be too overpowering.

Had Jhonny Peralta not suffered a thumb injury, he would’ve been the 2nd best Cardinals hitter behind Carpenter. Peralta was projected to be the 3rd best fantasy shortstop to be drafted this year. He might be a good free-agent pickup around the middle of the season when he finally returns off the disabled list.

The sleeper to pick from the Cardinal’s is definitely Randal Grichuk. Currently, Grichuk is projected to be the 5th best batter in this lineup. ESPN projects that he will hit 23 homeruns. But, many Cardinals fans who have been following the team for years, know that Grichuk has shown more potential than that and should be expecting more when he finally gets a full season’s worth of plate appearances. He might not be the most popular pick, but, if you love your Cardinals, he should be a good pick.

If you want Cardinal’s players on this team, you should definitely draft a pitcher. This pitching staff is full of fantasy studs like Trevor Rosenthal, Carlos Martinez, Adam Wainwright, and Kevin Siegrist.

Rosenthal, the best closer in baseball a year ago, comes into this season projected to be the 9th best relief pitcher. Again, if you trust your team, you know he’s better than those projections.

Martinez and Wainwright will both be studs on the mound; however, Wainwright might be the biggest sleeper in all of fantasy baseball this year. After sitting out last year year with an injury, he comes into the season ranked the 178th best pitcher. 178!! That is way too low for a pitcher who is the ace of one of the best rotations in baseball. Trust me, if you need a starting pitcher, count on Wainwright.

Seigrist would also be a decent pick as a relief pitcher, given the fact that he as the most used relief pitcher a year ago. More innings pitched means more opportunities to pick up points for your fantasy team.

Sometimes being a passionate baseball fan and a fantasy owner can be hard. However, this Cardinal’s team is definitely talented enough that there are players on this roster who can help win your fantasy league. However, a lot of these picks will have to be made based on your trust in a player. ESPN has definitely ranked the Cardinal’s players this year lower than expected. Now, it comes down to your gut feeling.