Lookout Matheny, pitchers alone do not win World Series'
Lookout Matheny, pitchers alone do not win World Series’
The Cardinals (62-56) are bracing to be swept by the less than .500 Miami Marlins tonight.

Taking the mound for Miami is the solid (6-6, 3.99) Eovaldi. He will have no problem facing one of the worst offenses in baseball and certainly the biggest letdown. He is matched up against one of the Birds’ weakest starter, Masterson, who is 1-1 11.25 for the Cardinals.

Matheny said, in an interview yesterday, that he was very pleased with the way Masterson was progressing in the bullpen. Is Matheny truly excited or is he just putting on a face before the embarrassment from a sweep by the Marlins hits St. Louis. The Marlins have not been playing well, the Cardinals have been terrible at best.

The pitching staff is falling apart and to say that the offense is poor would be a compliment. Abysmal may be a more fair word. No team can expect to make the playoffs with the worst bats in the game and a starter who cannot get out of three innings safely (Masterson). But the problems are not new. The Cardinals have not just been in a slide. They have been in the bottom five spots for the lowest scoring offense since April. They are currently 25th in SLUG%, 29th in runs scored per game, and dropping in the NL Central. With the trade deadline past and a sweep by the Marlins on the horizon, Matheny might be looking for the “Help Wanted Ads” soon.