Once again, the Cardinals lose an embarrassing game. This time, they were defeated by the Cubs.

Although the Cardinals raked in three runs in the first, they could not hold the lead for more than an inning. By the bottom of the second, the Cubs had evened the score and a ping-pong match began.

The Cardinals fell behind in the third and were at a deficit of two by the end of the fourth. Two solo homers by Carpenter and Holliday evened the score at five. They regained the lead in the sixth but lost it in the seventh to a home run by Valbuena.

In the only scoreless inning, the eighth, the Cardinals protected the plate as they squeaked out of a bases-loaded situation.

Overall, the offense was successful, but the defence could not match that success. Hopefully the Cards can win the next two games and not come home embarrassed by the Cubs.480x200_wrigley_field