Waino gave up only his sixth home run of the season in the Cards’ 3-0 loss to the Marlins.

So far, the series is not going well for the Cardinals and looks eerily similar to the last meeting the two had. Adam Wainwright gave up three runs over seven hard-fought innings. He missed his attempt to be the first pitcher in the MLB to record his 15th win. Waino’s record will now sit at 14-7.

But I feel like a broken record. Waino gave up three runs BUT the Cardinals did not score any runs. Vying for the worst run-scoring team in baseball, the Cardinals have made no serious attempt to change their outlook on the season. They are falling in the NL Central to two teams that they could probably flatten in a division series. Unfortunately, they are not winning the easy games.

A series loss to the Padres and another series loss to the Marlins? The Cardinals better pray that they do not get swept. The Marlins should have been an easy foe but, for whatever reason, the Cardinals so far cannot pull out a win. For a fan, it is extremely difficult to watch and even worse to try to defend.