The Bottom Line: The Cardinals lost. Badly.


  • A.J. Pierzynski hit his first home run in a Cardinals’ uniform to prevent a shutout. Yippie.
  • That’s it for the positives.


  • Justin Masterson pitched one inning of shutout baseball. Then he pitched another inning of non-shutout baseball. All in all, the Cardinals’ “key addition” gave up five earned runs in just 2 innings pitchedd, leaving the Cardinals in a hole early. So far in his two starts for the Cards Masterson has given up ten earned runs in in 8 innings pitched. Meh.
  • Nick Greenwood gave up four earned runs in his return to the Major League ballclub. That’s exactly how you lose your place on the Major League ballclub.
  • Sam Freeman pitched poorly and that’s all I’ll say about that.


  • The Orioles hadn’t scored double digits in runs since April 24. They hadn’t hit six home runs in a game all season long. The Cardinals managed to make both of those events happen tonight.
  • Even though they lost, the Cardinals looked good while doing it. Both teams wore throwback jerseys from 1954.
Yes this is the best storyline from tonight.
Yes this is the best storyline from tonight.

What’s Next: Tomorrow night John Lackey (1-0, 2.57 ERA) takes the mound for the Cardinals. Hopefully he does better than our other acquisition. Sheesh.