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29 Days: Cardinals Aided by Rams Departure

For the biggest of Cardinal fans, the Rams leaving is a good sign

There’s a reason that I have been a lifelong Cardinals fan and not a Rams fan. There’s a reason that the Rams average attendance this past season ranked dead last among the NFL and the Cardinals ranked second. This reason is because the Rams ownership never put the fans first.

Being from Denver, I know all about Stan Kroenke, given that he is the owner of the Nuggets, Avalanche and Rapids. From year to year Kroenke has been about putting money for himself before giving cities competitive teams to watch, and the Rams have been no different. Kroenke is married to the daughter of a Walmart cofounder, he is worth over $7 billion, he has a Texas ranch close to the size of Rhode Island, and because it’s still not enough, he has taken the Rams to LA.

This is not to take away what the Rams were able to give and provide for St. Louis. The players, coaching staff and the majority of the people involved in the organization were and have been great. But with ownership from such a negative and terrible person, the Rams haven’t been able to offer the city what it deserves.

So now that the Rams are gone, we don’t have to deal with Kroenke, St. Louisans can put even more energy into the Cardinals. In October when the Cardinals are in the playoffs, there will be no St. Louis football going on. Instead of upset Rams fans because of inconsistent and disappointing seasons, everyone will be ecstatic because of the Cardinals success. Those that have been die hard Cardinal fans will be joined by those who weren’t and are realizing how fun it is to be.

This indicates the importance of this season for the Cardinals because those big Rams fans that never quite got into baseball will be watching. If the team does well, the fans will realize what Cardinal baseball is all about, but if they don’t they might never understand.

Good thing the Cardinals do well every year, and this year should be no exception.

Although losing a sports team, especially one you might have supported for so long can be tough, there is an unbelievable one here to replace them.

The Cardinals have been, still are, and always will be a staple in St. Louis. They will never leave, they will never give up, and they will provide fans with 100% of their effort 100% of the time, leaving no doubt in my mind that St. Louis will overcome this disappointment and use the Cardinals to rally behind to overcome it.