Last night, the St. Louis Cardinals split a double-header against the New York Mets, and guess what, Jedd Gyorko played phenomenally, again.

The Cardinals have had two double-headers all season, and both have been within the past week. In the time surrounding these two baseball marathons, an unlikely person has been the Cardinal’s most valuable player: Jedd Gyorko. If someone were to tell me that Gyorko would have seven home-runs, and 11 RBIs, in the last nine games I would have told them that they’re crazy. But here we all are, shocked by how great Gyorko has been.

Even more shocking is Gyorko’s production in the double headers. He has homered in all four double-header games this season, twice in one of them. Three of these homers proved to be very important factors in receiving a victory. Something about a looong day of baseball just seems to ignite something in Gyorko’s bat; it’s almost as if his bat was charged by the lightning from the storms the day before.

Thor Hammer

So Jedd Gyorko = Thor confirmed? With the way his bat has been, no one can say it’s not at least plausible…

This transfiguration into a Norse mythological hero couldn’t have happened at a better time in the season. With Matt Carpenter sidelined for a couple weeks, Gyorko has emerged as the Cardinal’s go to hitter. With two outs, down by two runs, in the bottom of the ninth, man on first, Jedd Gyorko is the man the Cardinals want at the plate (discrete reference to the past?).

That’s just been how the Cardinals have been the past the couple years, and it defies all logic. A pivotal part of the team goes down with an injury, and time and time again, an unlikely source is always right there to pick up the slack. Possibly, just possibly, the Cardinals are actually a team rooted in Norse mythology that can channel the powers of folklore in order to overcome injury. At least that’s the only explanation I have for it.

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Photo Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports