As Jake pointed out earlier today, John Mozeliak answered several questions from fans this morning on ESPN. While I don’t think he said anything that we didn’t really know already, it’s nevertheless worth checking out.

Here’s a little bit of what he said

  • ON REVAMPED FARM SYSTEM: I would say dating back to really 2003 is when we took a hard look at how our minor league system was working or not working. We had closed down our Latin American operations and at that point, we made an effort that we needed to build from within. We reasserted ourselves in Latin America and really looked at how we did in the draft.
  • ON WHERE OSCAR TAVERAS AND SHELBY MILLER WILL BE OPENING DAY: With Oscar, I think position players need to play everyday. I don’t think he would benefit from being a bat off the bench. He needs to get at bats, wherever it is. I’m not opposed to having somebody work out of the bullpen, especially to get big league experience. You can see some value having a young pitcher out of the bullpen. Shelby’s goal will try to make the big leagues in whatever role he can. We certainly won’t tell him he can’t do that if it’s available to him.
  • ON CONSIDERING SIX-MAN ROTATION: As far as a six man rotation, we’ve never been big advocates of that. I think our guys like working on regular rest. Most of our guys like to have that regular routine. We have to be prepared for injuries. But we do have depth, should we need someone to step in and start.
  • ON LONG-TERM SHORTSTOP SOLUTION: When you look at what we have at middle infield depth, Kozma, Jackson, etc., one of them could end up separating themselves and could be an every day SS, but if that doesn’t happen, we will have to explore other options.
  • ON JAIME GARCIA: I’m bullish on where he is, but there are certainly medical questions coming in. He didn’t finish the season healthy. He did rehab instead of surgery. We’re hopeful that he will be the Jaime of a couple of years ago. If he is, we’ll have a strong rotation.
  • ON BIGGEST QUESTIONS COMING INTO SPRING: I think it has to be centered around health. Where are Carpenter and Garcia. Clearly we need one of them to be healthy to be successful. Also, where Furcal is at short will play into how our team is. We won’t know for sure until we get into that game setting. If he’s healthy and shows up in great shape, that will answer a question going into spring training. I will say that the way our bullpen ended the season, I feel good about that. And if you look at our everyday position players, most of them are accounted for.