John Mozeliak joined 101ESPN this morning to talk a little about what has been going on down in Jupiter. Here’s some of what he had to say:
  • Spring Training this year so far has been a lot quieter. Expectations are still very high for the team, but not having the loss of an icon and not having a first-time manager have made things overall a lot calmer.
  • The doors to the Adam Wainwright negotiation are open, but it’s going to take time. When you look at the starting pitching market and the markets that were signed this past offseason, it’s fair to say that the Waino’s next contract will be very long and big.
  • Pitchers starting out of the bullpen is becoming more common all the time, so to see a top pitching prospect start this year in St. Louis would be much more likely than a top position player, who would only get so many at-bats.
  • The Cardinals are blessed with a long running history of Hall-of-Fame type players who are able to join them down in Spring Training. They want to participate and be involved. Willie McGee, Jim Edmonds, and Ozzie Smith in particular have all been extremely helpful.
  • It’s fair to say that Kolten Wong will not be playing any second base in St. Louis for the 2013 season