Trevor Rosenthal

John Sickels of Minor League Ball wrote on Sunday about the reality that the Cardinals have one of the better farm systems in the Majors, citing them as having a great crop of both pitching and hitting prospects.

In regards to pitching, he says that he expects Shelby Miller, Trevor Rosenthal, and Michael Wacha all to have relatively successful careers in the Major Leagues. While he admits to being possibly too optimistic in the article, you always have to be weary of these types of predictions. The number of top draft picks that you could point to from over the years that have not panned out is an endless list for all teams. There’s a reason that not all the players said to be superstars actually become superstars: There are only so many players that can be considered “superstars.” If there are more than a few top pitchers in the game, they’re actually not top pitchers, they’re just average.

Having said that, I do think both Miller and Rosenthal showed a lot of promise in their first appearances on the Major League level in 2012. Rosenthal gave up just two hits and no earned runs over 8.2 innings in the postseason, and Miller spotted a 1.32 ERA over his 13.2 innings thrown in his September call-up. I’m eager to see them next month in Florida to see the type of progress they’ve made and whether or not we can expect to see them on the ball club all throughout 2013.