This morning, I wrote about how the Cardinals are going to need a few guys step up to assume some sort of leadership role in the clubhouse. Jon Heyman wrote today as well about how if any team could go on without a guy like Chris Carpenter or Kyle Lohse, it’s this team. From the article:

Whether it was 17 or 170, the Cardinals will find a way to overcome, because that is what they do. Which brings us to the big question: How do they do it? And more, to the point, can they do it again?

The easy answer is: Why not?

Seeing as how they endured the loss of Wainwright for a season to the win the 2011 World Series, the retirements/defection of La Russa, Duncan and Pujols plus the loss of Carpenter (for all but 17 innings plus postseason) to make it within one game of the World Series in 2012, who’s to say they can’t make it without Carpenter and Lohse

When we write and talk about the Cardinals, it’s easy to have biased answers and be ignorant of other things going on in the rest of the league, so when you read articles like this from true national reporters, it’s comforting that we’re not just sitting around making all of this stuff up.