If you told me I could have my pick of the Cards’ rotation for tonight’s game, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that I want Chris Carpenter on the mound.  There is something else to consider, however.  On Friday, I’d like him to take the mound as well, which he can’t do if he pitches tonight.  I don’t care that he’s only pitched twice this year, the man is the essence of clutch (see: 2011 NLDS Game 5 & 2011 World Series Game 7).  I’m surprised Matheny is so gung-ho in his decision to work the rotation to set it up for Lohse to pitch the one gamer, because in a winner-take-all game, there is nobody I’d rather have on the mound than my boy Carp.  I have all the faith in the world he’ll get it done tonight, but unfortunately I can’t say I have that same faith regarding Lohse this upcoming Friday.  First things first, Carpenter needs to get us there.