About a month ago, I wrote about how Cards starting pitcher Kyle Lohse should have been considered as a candidate to win the NL CY Young Award.  While his performance may not be enough to win the award, his numbers place him as having one of the best years in the NL this year. In order to prove this I’ll be comparing Lohse’s numbers with the person most experts believe will win the award, Mets starter R.A. Dickey.

One reason Dickey is considered the favorite for the award, is because he currently leads the NL in ERA, CG, and is tied for the league lead in WHIP. His numbers in those catagories are 2.66, 5, and 1.04. Dickey is also second in NL when it come to strikeouts, his 209 Ks put him 2 behind NL leader Clayton Kershaw. Dickey is also second in wins with 19 and 3rd in BAA, opposing hitters having hit .223 off him this year.

Now you’re probably thinking “Wow, Dickey is having a magnificent year.” and he is. The purpose of this article is not to argue why Lohse should win the award but to merely pont out that Lohse should be receiving more credit for what has been an amazing year. Lohse at the moment is 3rd in the NL in ERA, posting a career low 2.77. Lohse is also tied for 4th when it comes to the NL lead in wins, with 16 as of this posting. Lohse also is 4th in the NL in WHIP currently having a WHIP of 1.08. Now where Lohse starts to compare not so nicely with Dickey is in the SO and BAA catagories.

While DIckey is near the top in those two catagories, it takes a little bit more scrolling down to find Lohse. In terms of  strikeouts, Loshe is 32nd in the NL with 134 Ks so far. This puts him behind guys like Jon Niese and Cardinals teammates Lance Lynn and Adam Wainwright. When it comes to BAA, Lohse to this point has posted a .236 which puts him at 12th in the NL. Very good numbers to have so far, but they do not compare favorably to the front runner Dickey. Another problem with Lohse’s candiacy is that to this point he has not pitched a complete game, while Dickey has thrown 5. Although Dickey hasn’t had to deal with the pressure of keeping his team alive in the hunt to play in October.

In summary, R.A. Dickey will likely win the NL CY Young Award, and he completely deserves it. However, Kyle Lohse, who has had an amazing year, deserves to be in consideration for at least a top 3 finish. As shown above his numbers are right up there with Dickey in most categories. While Dickey may lead Lohse in some categories, Dickey has not had to deal with the constant pressure that comes with pitching for a playoff contender hanging on to a Wild Card spot in September. Hopefully, the Baseball Writers of America will realize this and give Lohse his due.