Kyle Lohse (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Kyle Lohse and the L.A. Dodgers seem like a perfect fit. The Dodgers are trying to win now, and Kyle Lohse could serve as a great complement to the left-handed Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers have all the money in the world, and they could be one of the few teams left that could actually afford to pay Lohse what he wants. The problem? The Dodgers have too many starting pitchers, as Buster Olney points out in his column from this morning. As Olney writes:

As if Kyle Lohse doesn’t enough working against him, between the draft-pick compensation issue and his age of 34, there is this, rival officials say — the Dodgers’ surplus of starters. 

As one GM noted last week, Lohse’s best chance of getting a deal now is for a major injury to occur, to compel a team to invest in the right-hander, in the way that Victor Martinez’s injury created opportunity for Prince Fielder a year ago.

But teams that suffer an injury to a starting pitcher this spring also have another option: They can simply pick up the phone and call L.A. to ask about Chris Capuano or one of their other available starters. Lohse is a better option, but he’ll also be more expensive, and this time of year, there are few dollars available.

Of course, it’s impossible to predict injuries, so I guess Lohse is sitting by the phone and waiting. My sources have told me that Lohse would like to sign with either the Milwaukee Brewers or the Washington Nationals, but unfortunately neither team seems to be too interested in making an offer, at least not yet. I have consistently written that I think Lohse would be a great fit for the Brewers’ rotation. I wouldn’t look forward to facing him, but he would serve as a great anchor and role model for that young staff over in Milwaukee. And as each day passes, the price for Lohse will just get lower and lower, so don’t be surprised if they bite eventually.