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DOB: 5/12/1987
Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana
Teams: Cardinals

Lance was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he quickly found himself on a national stage from an early age when he appeared in the Little League World Series. He enjoyed immense success in high school, earning Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Indiana as well as  a Louisville Slugger All-American selection. He turned down the Seattle Mariners selection in the 2005 draft to attend Ole Miss, where he set multiple single season records. From here he went on to be drafted by the Cardinals in the first round of the 2008 draft, and has been a member of the organization ever sense.

As A Player

Position: Pitcher
Throws: R    Bats: R
ERA: 3.37    K/9: 8.7

Lynn is a power pitcher who relies on his fastball as much as any pitcher in the league. He throws a variation of the fastball more than 75% of the time, relying on a fourseamer and sinker. He rides this pitch as it is valued as the second most effective fastball in all of baseball. He will occasionally mix in a cutter and curveball to keep hitters honest, albeit not to the same success as his fastball garners. It will be interesting to see how a decrease in velocity impacts Lynn’s effectiveness, especially coming back from Tommy John surgery for the 2017 season. His reliable presence will be sorely missed this year, as he is a gamer that has the ability to eat innings for this staff.