Bernie Micklasz wrote an absolutely brilliant article about last night’s win. Take a look here.

Well, he’s 100% right. The one thing to take away from his article though is that while this team does not seem to ever run out of magic, it’s important to keep expectations at a realistic level. It actually is possible to lose playoff series, and we shouldn’t take that for granted. I don’t think there’s a baseball analyst in the world right now who would pick against the Cardinals (which is different than necessarily saying that the Cardinals will win). But you still have to go out and play the games. The Cardinals have as much momentum now as anyone.  Let’s just remember that momentum does not necessarily equal victory. 

CBS Sports gives their breakdown of Cardinals/Giants and who has the edge.

I think they do a very good job here. In short, the Cardinals have arguably the better infield and the better outfield, but the Giants probably have the better pitching (both starters and bullpen), as there are simply too many health questions in the Cardinals lineup to realistically give them any sort of edge. Having said that, I think with the way that the rotations are scheduled for the series, it without a doubt works in the Cardinals favor. 

Tim Kurkjian asks five key questions about the upcoming series.

Albert who? The Cardinals had one of the top offenses in the Major Leagues this season as they had five players hit over 20 home runs. This lineup has more than made up for its biggest losses (Pujols, Berkman, Furcal) and I expect them to keep it up. If they can manage to win one of these first two games in San Francisco, I don’t think it matters what pitcher you put up against this lineup in games 3, 4, and 5, all to take place at Busch Stadium. This team will not give up.

And here is a video from of great highlights from Friday’s game.

Euphoria. Go Cards.