There are 24 games remaining in the season, but the most important number is seven.

The Cardinals have 75 wins meaning that the 100-win season is officially out reach. That being said, there is a lot left on the table as far as the birds are concerned in order to win the division. Presently, the Cardinals sit two games ahead of the Brewers and four ahead of the Pirates. The lead is not a comfortable one. What will it take for the Cards to wn the pennant?

In the remaining games, the Redbirds play the Brewers seven times. That is clearly their biggest challenge. If they can win four, I think the Brewers will crumble under the pressure of coming back late. However, another major question mark is the seven remaining games against the Reds. If the Cardinals pull out four more wins, they will most likely skate through the division unscathed. However, losing series in either set could be devastating.

The Brewers are currently in a seven game slide. They have lost series to the Padres, Giants, and Cubs in this tumble. These teams all pale in comparision to the Cardinals. As far as their remaining schedule is concerned, the Brewers have a very similar one to the Redbirds. They also play the Reds but sub-out a few games for the Marlins who will be no walk-in-the-park.

Overall, the teams are pretty evenly matched. The Cardinals just need to keep their momentum. If they do, with a little bit of luck, they can squak through the NL Central with a win.