Carlos Martinez finally won a game for the Cardinals this season, and the internet has come to the consensus that it is all due to his lost locks.

I’m inclined to agree. For those unconcerned with the barbershop habits of the wealthy and powerful, Cardinals ace Carlos Martinez traded his shoulder length natural platinum blonde locks for a less authentic, but more attractive, brunette color.

I’m sure Frank Thomas will approve of the change.

Appearances Matter

Although changing elements of your appearance to achieve greater may be written off as simple superstition, I contend that it is actually a very real strategy for improving your state of mind.

People, and especially pitchers, are creatures of habit. Success as a pitcher is ultimately dependent on repeatability, and during baseball games, little idiosyncrasies can act as triggers that either stabilize or destabilize a pitcher’s appearance.

One thing you see pitchers do all the time is adjusting and readjusting their hats. While admittedly, much of the time it is just because of an itch, it provides a brief opportunity for the pitcher to step out of his role for just a moment and concentrate on his hat instead of the 40,000 odd people clamoring around you.

Dress for the Job(Role) You Want

Although this change is not analogous to my earlier example, we as human beings attribute meaning to everything. When we are trying to make a change to ourselves it is much easier to do when we can see and feel a tangible difference between our current and previous self. It is evidence and an affirmation that we have successfully evolved.

Admittedly,  it also helps when it is a change that is universally liked by Matheny, the media, and the Cardinals fan base. This may also represent maturation on Martinez’s part, perhaps realizing the expectation that comes with his large contract. Although it may seem like a stretch, when you think of it a la “dress for success” it is not a ridiculous notion that he is emulating success in the league. I mean, his hair looks a heck of a lot like Pedro’s did.

The Wrap

Our appearances reflect our state of mind and this new more reasonable haircut tells me that Martinez is tired of losing, and he has recommitted himself to winning. After changing his hair, he finally got a win and performed on par with early expectations, and with the team starting to gain some traction, Martinez can really make the difference.

Go Cardinals!

Photo Captured by Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports