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Matt Holliday Back In His Natural Habitat

Matt Holliday has undoubtedly been the Cardinals’ offensive MVP so far this year. He is quietly putting up his best season since 2007, to the tune of a .325/21/75/.408 stat line, and the Cardinals could not be happier with his production.

As one of the game’s premier hitters, no one should be surprised. And certainly, no one should be surprised to see what he has done in the past two games at Coors Field against his former club, the Colorado Rockies. His stats? 5-9, with 3 bombs and 9 RBI. And don’t be surprised if he sends another ball or two 420 feet into the thin Rocky Mountain air again tonight.

Playing again at Coors brings back great memories for Holliday. He spent the first five years of his career with Colorado, before rejecting a 4-year, $80 million contract extension from them and getting traded to Oakland, and later to St. Louis. That rejection of the Rockies by the brawny left fielder surprised a lot of people in baseball though, not just because of the lucrative per-year figures, but because Holliday absolutely owned Coors Field. His career numbers there (including his time with the Cardinals) might require double takes. In 368 career games in Denver, Holliday has tallied a .359 AVG and 1.079 OPS, not to mention 90 dingers and 322 RBI. Not quite Larry Walker’s .381 and 1.172, but still, wow.

Holliday has certainly defied the critics who predicted that he wouldn’t still be an all star-caliber hitter after he left the Rockies. However, there’s no doubt that Coors Field certainly doesn’t hurt his production, as a home or visiting player–the latter likely inducing nostalgia of times when he raked like very few other.