A healthy mix of Cardinals baseball related thoughts and observations to brighten your day.

  • Yadi cemented a 13-game hitting streak tonight after sending a big boy ding dong to deep left field.  Every time he gets one it just feels right.  He didn’t even crack a smile, but he gets hyped as hell after he makes a defensive play.  The man has priorities.  After Albert Pujols, he’s this millennia’s most iconic Cardinal. Is it too early to discuss whether his number will be retired? We’ll see. Maybe if he keeps the bleached mohawk.


  • Who designs a stadium and says, “yeah lets just put the bullpen on the third base side.  Behind a fence, you say? Nah, just free-ball it, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”  Ridiculous.


  • Shocking that owners don’t demand they be put on the active roster.  “Billionaire goes 3 for 5, signs long-term deal.”


  • Speaking of batting gloves, how much accessorizing is too much accessorizing?  Grichuk goes up to the plate with an elbow pad, wrist guard, shooting sleeve type thing on his right arm, and a chain.  Why not add a candy necklace, maybe a cape, and some silly bands while your at it? As a counter point, it is undeniably hilarious that baseball is played in long pants and player’s legitimately keep things in their pockets.  Pretty sure Manny Ramirez had chapstick and candy corn in his.  Counter-counter point. Do football players wear long pants?


  • Mike Matheny looks like the type of guy who turns on read receipts just so people know he’s intentionally ignoring them.
Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
  • Mike Leake, Lance Lynn, and Michael Wacha have three of the five best ERA’s in the majors. That is absolutely ridiculous and probably witchcraft.  Lynn and Leake’s BABIP’s, however, are .200 and .244 respectively, and regression to their career averages (both above .300) is likely to be imminent.  For now, though, we can just sit back and enjoy lady luck’s temporary Redbird fandom (although if she could please send some to Dexter Fowler, that would be great).


  • What if ballpark village was a village where all the stadiums moved to start families and grow old together. A place where the kids can play stickball in the streets and the public schools are pretty solid.


  • It is so unbelievably ridiculous that Matt Carpenter doesn’t wear batting gloves.  I understand that he thinks the bat just feels more natural in his hands but its freaking science that gloves help you grip it and swing.  You don’t see NFL receivers spurning the stickum to go au natural.  Give in to the dark side young blood.


  • Baseball needs more dugout hijinks.  Around the 8th inning of a July game when have the stadium is asleep and the announcers are talking about farmer’s markets, players should be required to engage in some sort of tom foolery.  Bubble-blowing contest or slip-n-slide, I don’t care. Make it happen, commish.

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  • What if the Cards had an alternate jersey design that they wore on special occasions?  Maybe something with the arch, Nelly, beer, or some combination of the three.


  • Pop-ups are way cooler than grounders.


  • Did Wade Boggs really drink 107 beers on a cross-country flight and then go 3 for 5 against the Seattle Mariners? Yes. He did.