Rough Month: Well it isn’t a very cheerful morning here in Cardinal Nation after just an abysmal performance in the last two games by the redbirds out in Los Angeles.  I came into the series expecting big things from the Birds as it is time for them to start playing within their potential and go on a run and make up some ground on the red-hot Brewers.  That has still not happened as it seems every time the Cards gain some momentum, they then turn and take two steps back.  Mike Matheny needs to do some soul-searching in his clubhouse and find out some way to get this club back on track.  The month of June looked promising for the Birds as they came in only 3 games behind the Brewers with a record of 30-26 and had a few encouraging series agains some struggling clubs.  But the Birds only managed a 14-13 record in June and fell to third place in the Central trailing the first place Brewers by 6.5 games.  We now have 13 games before the All-Star break with three of those coming against the first-place Brewers.  It is crucial that the club get back on track and start closing the gap with Milwaukee or they run the risk of falling too far behind coming out of the break to win the division.

frustraded Matheny

Watch Party: I strongly recommend all Redbird fans and St. Louisans alike join me and thousands of other American fans in Ballpark Village tomorrow afternoon to root on our men to the round of eight in tomorrow’s game.  I am beyond excited to go to BPV because it should prove to be an awesome time and a great opportunity to get my mind off the frustration the Cards have caused as of late.  If you don’t believe me just check out this video of footage at BPV from the previous games here. This will be a huge week here in the Lou as we have the game tomorrow and then Thursday festivities start during Fair St. Louis with free concerts the 3-5th in Forrest Park.  This is a great upcoming week here in St. Louis and it would be even better if the Cards find a way to turn it around and get some wins this week.  Thats all for this week and I’ll see everyone tomorrow.  Go USA!