All Star Roster:  Well our Redbirds turned out alright in All-Star voting landing four players on the squad including starting catcher Yadier Molina, starting pitcher Adam Wainwright, reliever Pat Neshek, and manager Mike Matheny added third basement Matt Carpenter as a reserve.  The third place Cards along with the Brewers and the Reds all are sending four players to Minnesota next week.  While it is good that we were able to snag 4 of the 33 spots, I think it is a shame that first baseman Matt Adams wasn’t really considered for a spot after the tremendous season he is having.  Adams currently sits third in the NL in batting average at .328 and fifth in all of baseball.  While the all-star team is about more than just averages, it is a stat that shouldn’t be overlooked.  I agree with the decision to start Paul Goldschmidt , I think Adams was a better choice at reserve than the Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman.  Freeman’s stat line reads .294/.385/.501 which is good, but it definitely isn’t as good as Adam’s .328/.341/.522.  While Freeman does have 13 home runs compared to Adams’ 9,he also has 63 more at bats which would result in at least two more home runs along his current projection.  Had Adams not been injured for a week, he may have made the roster but it is likely that injury that kept off this years’ team.  The Cards did well in getting four well-deserving players on the squad, but I am disappointed that Adams’ was overlooked in the spot he has earned thus far this season.

Not Even 12 Wins Per All-Star: The disappointing fact of the matter is that this is an extremely talented squad that is drastically underperforming.  The Birds had 4 and what should have been 5 all-stars, yet they sit in third place in the Central with only 47 wins.  This team continues to underperform with the tremendous talent that they have.  After yet another .500 week the Birds have seven games left to make a statement before the all-star break.  The Cards are currently 5 games back of the first place brewers and 2 games back of a wild card spot.  If the season ended today, the National League Champions would not even make the playoffs.  I don’t have the solution but if the Cards don’t make some moves before the trade-deadline this season may end up in one colossal disappointment.  That’s all for this week and I will see you next week Cardinal Nation.