Good Morning Cardinal Nation.

WAINO AND CARDS REMAIN ON GOOD TERMS: Joe Strauss wrote this morning about the Adam Wainwright and his contract negotiation with the Cardinals. Both parties are definitely more optimistic about an eventual agreement, at least much more than the Cardinals were with Albert Pujols. Waino has not set any deadlines or anything like that, the two simply just have not come to an agreement on dollars and years. It’s a complicated subject because you have to try and find the balance between giving a true long-term contract to a guy whose already 32 and rewarding a guy whose arguably as valuable as say, Zack Greinke or Matt Cain, who are both making well over $100 million. Even if the Cardinals don’t reach an agreement with Waino before the season begins, I have a lot of confidence that both sides will work to come to an agreement before free agency begins next offseason.

LOHSE REFLECTS ON ARBITRATION: Kyle Lohse reflects in this MLB Trade Rumors piece about the two different times that he went to arbitration. Lohse of course is still unsigned for the 2013 season. Having said that, it does seem as if he will sign with a team soon, and sources tell me that it looks like it will either be the Milwaukee Brewers or the Washington Nationals. I wrote last week about how I think the Brewers are a good fit for him, seeing that they are in the same division as the Cardinals and the Brewers could definitely use an anchor for their young pitching rotation.

Pete Kozma

KOZMA IS USED TO CLOSE CALLS: Pete Kozma will be competing for a spot on the Cardinals’ roster this Spring, as Derrick Goold points out in this piece. I wrote on Sunday about how I personally think he deserves a spot over a guy like Ronny Cedeno, who has had several years to prove what he can do, and I quite frankly don’t see it. Despite a shaky defensive performance in last season’s NLCS against the Giants, Kozma came in to St. Louis and picked up the pieces after Rafael Furcal got hurt, truly contributing to the Cardinals lineup throughout the month of September and even in the division series against the Nationals. I would love to see him on the roster as a backup infielder this season, but we’ll have to see how he performs over the next month.

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