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Monday News & Notes: Pitchers And Catchers, Sabermetrics

Good Morning Cardinal Nation. Here’s what I have for you this morning

PITCHERS AND CATCHERS report in one week from today! The CardsBlog team could not be more excited for Spring Training to start. We will be on every story and every piece of breaking information that comes out of Jupiter, so definitely stay tuned.

THE CARDS AND SABERMETRICS: Here’s a great article from Anna McDonald of ESPN on how the Cardinals have been utilizing sabermetrics in their evaluation of players. I was recently watching Moneyball with a friend who asked me “I don’t understand. If the A’s had all these great tactics on measuring players, how come they weren’t more successful after the 2002 season?” The answer of course is that once every team jumped on the system of measuring players in a more statistical manner, then the big-market teams again have a competitive advantage because they are able to pay big money for the type of players that the A’s got for a bargain. Based on the crop of young players expected to play in St. Louis in 2013, the Cardinals clearly have one of the best scouting and player development departments in all of baseball. I’m looking forward to seeing their progress over the last several years showcase itself this season.