According to multiple sources, Dyar Miller, who has been with the Cardinals for 19 years, will not return with a role for the 2013 season. Serving as the Minor League pitching coordinator, the pitching coach for AAA-Memphis, Miller served a variety of roles throughout his time with the Cardinals.

Bench coach Mike Aldrete, pitching coach, Derek Lilliquist, hitting coach Mark McGwire, first base coach Chris Maloney, and third base coach Jose Oquendo are all expected to return.

The bullpen was obviously a weak spot throughout the first half of the season, but it was actually quite good over the second half, as Trevor Rosenthal, Joe Kelly, Jason Motte, Mitchell Boggs, and Edward Mujica all finished with regular season ERAs under 3. I don’t know who they plan to replace Miller with, but it would surprise me if they went outside the organization as I’m sure they would want to give the job to someone who is already familiar with the guys in the bullpen.