To make room for the recently acquired Edward Mujica, The Cardinals will option reliever Trevor Rosenthal to Class AAA Memphis. Rosenthal will join the rotation for the Cardinals Triple-A affiliate. The move marks a quick turnaround for Rosenthal, the 2009 draft pick of St. Louis who started the season in Class AA. His call-up in July was meant to bolster the Redbirds major league bullpen, bringing the 22 year old reliever and his 100 MPH fastball to the big leagues sooner than anticipated. Pundits viewed the move as signaling that Rosenthal’s ‘future is now’, and figured for him to be a fixture in the bullpen for the playoff stretch. Rosenthal debuted on July 18th, but would only throw a total of 4 innings in his major league stint, allowing 2 earned runs.


In the end, the Cards swapped Mujica for Rosenthal in their major league bullpen, and the young Cards righty basically moved from Class AA to Class AAA, from the bullpen into the Memphis Cardinals rotation.





Stat You Need To Know: (via Twitter and Thomas Boswell) “O’s 55-49. StL 55-48. SAME? No way. Run differential: O’s -51, StL MLB-leading +99! In 1-run games: O’s 20-6, StL 12-18. What next? U know.”

Good news for Cards fans, numbers don’t lie. The St. Louis win-loss record should respond as well.