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No Plans For Adam Wainwright Extension Quite Yet

Contract extension discussions have temporarily stopped between the Cardinals and Adam Wainwright, who is entering the final year of his six-year contract, Derrick Goold reports. From the article:

“It doesn’t mean that it’s over,” Wainwright said. “The door is still open. It just didn’t work out right now.”

Wainwright and his agent have been very clear that they aren’t imposing any deadlines on negotiations.

They do not see spring training as the only time to talk about an extension, though it does present itself as an ideal time before the start of the season. The righty said that he would be open to discussing a contract during spring training, and that it would not distract him from his work. He didn’t want to create a false deadline by saying a deal had to be in place before spring started or before the exhibition games started or opening day.

Unlike the case with Albert Pujols, both parties are very confident that a deal will in fact get done, it’s just a matter of when and how much. That’s not to say that the Cardinals don’t have a spending limit, but both Wainwright and the Cardinals are very interested in having Adam as the leader of this staff for a number of years to come. Particularly with the news that Chris Carpenter’s days with the Cardinals are most likely over (at least as a player), you would have to think that the Cardinals are interested in having a veteran mentor on the staff to help guide guys like Joe Kelly, Trevor Rosenthal, and Shelby Miller.

I hope for the fans sake that an extension can get done before the season starts just so we don’t have to talk about it during the season, but even if it does not get done, I will feel a lot more confident that an extension will happen come the end of the 2013 season.