Will the Cardinals’ offense exist, or will it vanish into the ether as it has the past two games?  Will Carlos Beltran be the postseason hero he’s been his entire career, or will he be the goat that struck out in Game 7 of the NLCS in 2006 as a New York Met and is 2 for 8 with 3 strikeouts in the past two games?  Will Allen Craig be the .307 hitter he was all season, or the .256 postseason hitter?

Look, the Cardinals have had their backs against the wall before and gotten themselves out of the mess, we all know that.  But they have never done so against a team like the San Francisco Giants.  They are not an inexperienced Washington Nationals team or a nervous Texas Rangers team.  They are much more like the Atlanta Braves, except the Braves didn’t have seemingly endless momentum working for them.  The Giants are fiercely competitive and refuse to quit.  Their will is strong, potentially even stronger than the Cardinals’ will, as absurd as that may seem.

But don’t count out these Cardinals.  Not until the Giants are celebrating on their home turf.  These Cardinals will fight, and the matchup tonight may actually work in their favor.  After all, they have a pitcher that since the beginning of the season is 18-3 with a 2.79 ERA.  Not bad right?  And they’re facing a pitcher who has an ERA of 4.67 this postseason, and in three starts against the Cardinals in 2012 has pitched 18 innings and has allowed 22 hits and 12 ER.

The Giants have never won a Game 7, and the Cards are 11-4, the best of all time.  The Cards have won 6 straight elimination games and the Giants 5.  These teams are in a dogfight, and despite the momentum on the Giants’ side and history on the Cardinals’, I think this will come right down to the wire, but I don’t think anyone can predict how this epic battle will end.