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One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today, the Cardinals won their 11th World Series championship after defeating the Texas Rangers in one of the most historic Fall Classics baseball has ever seen. I’m not going to lie, I really don’t remember all that much of the game. When I think of last year’s World Series, I think back to that ninth inning of game six. I’ll still never, as long as I live, understand why Nelson Cruz didn’t play that ball of the wall. But hey, that’s why you play the games until the last out. From the Phillies to the Brewers to the Rangers, they didn’t let the fact that they were underdogs distract them from their ultimate goal. In fact, I think they were able to use to their advantage by playing a little more relaxed than the teams who were pressing because they were expected to win. And despite the Cardinals fall last week, they absolutely deserve the title as one of the most resilient teams in all of baseball.

The number of injuries this team has had to overcome, the number of times they’ve fallen behind in games, and the number of down-to-the-last-strike heroics we’ve seen in the past two seasons is just unbelievable. The Giants tonight go for their second World Series championship in three years. If the Cardinals can regroup this offseason, get some of their injured players in order and start 2013 with a little extra motivation to succeed, I see no reason why we might not be in the same position one year from today.

Should the Giants win tonight, I’ll be the first to congratulate them on a remarkable season. Being able to call yourself a fan of the World Champions is a very rare thing in the world of sports, and I’ve cherished every moment of it over the past year.