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Opinion: Don’t Do Anything You’ll Regret

I know…this sucks. There’s no question that Yadi is the best catcher in baseball. With a .287/.341/.409 slash line in 2014 and a 14.6 WAR since the beginning of 2012 (T-4 in NL), Yadi has undoubtedly been one of the most productive players in all of baseball over the last couple years, let alone the last ten. Since Yadi’s first full season with the Cardinals in 2005, the Cards have allowed 240 fewer base runners than any other team in baseball. His loss is immeasurable. But it’s not insurmountable.

Mozeliak has prided himself throughout his reign of not doing anything too drastic at the deadline, relaying confidence in his team. The reality is that this is an organization who has more than coped with injuries like Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, etc. With three weeks left to go until the deadline, it would be foolish to give up too much to acquire someone no more mediocre than Kurt Suzuki. Just as they always have, the Cardinals should (and I believe they will) stand relatively still at the deadline, despite this recent development. Tony Cruz is by no means a perfect candidate, but he has learned a lot over the years from observing Yadi and his work ethic. The Reds had a big blow to themselves yesterday as Brandon Phillips has a thumb injury of his own, and the Brewers continue to lose on a seemingly daily basis. It’s July 11. There’s a lot of time left here. It sucks, but the Cardinals can overcome this.