Tonight, the Cardinals will be facing an uphill battle in the NL Wild Card one-game playoff. There’s simply no way around it. And it’s not because they were six games worse than the Atlanta Braves this year, and it’s not because they have to play on the road. It’s because they have to face Kris Medlen, who will take the hill for the Braves.

So how good has Medlen been recently? Well, let’s take a look at the stats.

Kris Medlen has been literally unbeatable as a starter.

Since his first start this year on July 31st, after starting the season in the bullpen, Medlen has gone 9-0 with a 0.97 ERA. And the dominance hasn’t just been this year. The Braves have won 23 straight games started by the 5 foot 10 inch righty, going back to 2010.

That’s not a small trend. That’s a Ken Jennings Jeopardy!-esque trend.

So is this game a lost cause? Definitely not. The Cardinals will be countering with Kyle Lohse, who hasn’t been so bad himself this year, posting career-best numbers of 16-3 with a 2.86 ERA. And it’s the Cardinals, not the Braves, who have had the recent October magic.

What’s almost for certain, though, is that Lohse is going to have to flat-out deal tonight, because the Cards’ bats are going to have quite the work cut out for them, and quite the trend to buck.