LANCE LYNN: After three consecutive starts that seemed to have exposed him a bit (15.1 innings, 17 runs allowed), he had a great start just before the break (4H; oER; 7SO; 6.0IP).  Lynn has been great all year at mitigating damage- opposing batters are batting just .213 when they have a teammate on base.  Hopefully there is no damage that needs mitigating, but Lynn is able to execute in crunch time, things look positive for the Redbirds.  It does look as if there should be little damage to control — the Brewers’ lineup (tonight’s edition) is batting just .083 against Lynn, with only one run ever scored (A Corey Hart solo shot).

MICHAEL FIERS: I know what you’re thinking: Who is Michael Fiers?  He’s pitched only 48.2 innings in his career, and the Brewers are just 4-4 in his starts this year, but check this out: In his last 5 starts, the Brew Crew are 3-2, Fiers has only allowed 3ER in 28.2 innings, and in both losses the Brewers offense dropped a goose egg.  Fiers is pitching like a guy who should be 5-1 on the year, but his offense has just produced 7 runs over those 4 games in which they have lost.

THE SKINNY: Love the matchup.  Should be a great pitchers duel in which the focus is primarily on the offenses getting it going as opposed to pitchers trying to find their control.  Both pitchers should be on top of their game, and it should provide for some exciting fireworKs.  The same goes for both sides if they want to win — they will need to break the opposing pitcher and put up a few runs, relying on their own pitcher to keep the other side at bay.