St. Louis Cardinals: Joe Kelly (1-1; 2.70 ERA)

Kelly has been nothing short of salty so far this year.  The man gets the job done.  Yes, our sample size is small, but look at the work he’s done over his last three starts: 18IP, 4ER, 12H, 13SO.  Solid right?  He definitely has the potential to work his way into the starting lineup, but there is definitely room to improve.  Also over the last 18 Innings, he has thrown almost 300 pitches and walked 13 batters.  In order to be successful in this league in the long run, and even just tonight, Kelly is going to have to hit his spots better.  He isn’t throwing enough strikes, and it is letting batters fight their way back into at-bats.


Milwaukee Brewers: Randy Wolf (2-6; 5.80 ERA)

So that’s not a very good stat line.  Add to that that the Brewers are in fact 5-13 in Wolf‘s starts this year, and things aren’t looking too good for the Brew Crew tonight.  In fact, Wolf is a big reason the Brewers aren’t as good this year — they were 19-14 in his starts last year, a very respectable statistic.  Watching Wolf last year, I felt like I was watching a terrible pitcher that threw junk — yet the Cardinals chopped and hacked and struggled to put the ball in play against him.  This year though, the junk isn’t there, and guys are able to put the ball in play against him, and he is falling behind in the count too often.

THE SKINNY: Gotta like Kelly in this matchup.  Wolf has struggled all year, and Kelly is a thriving fresh arm.  In order to win, Wolf needs to hit his spots almost perfectly, and get some help from an offense that only put up 2 last night.

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