St. Louis Cardinals: Adam Wainwright (7-9; 4.62 ERA)

Adam Wainwright.  Usually when you hear this name you think of a dominating ace who goes 22-6 on a season with a nasty breaking ball.  Not this Adam Wainwright.  I am continually expecting him to hit a streak of 5,6, or 7 wins in a row, but it just isn’t happening.  He has shown us signs of life, but none of consistency.  In order to beat the Brewers, Wainwright is really going to have to keep the big bats under control.  This means limiting extra base hits, making the easy pitches, and not falling behind in the count.  He has a relatively easy matchup and needs to take advantage of that instead of pitching to his competition’s level.


Milwaukee Brewers: Tyler Thornburg (0-0; 7.36 ERA)

For the second time in this series the Cardinals are facing a relatively unknown. Tyler Thornburg has barely played any major league ball at all (just 7.1 innings total).  Hardly anything to go on.  In his one start, he went just 5.1 innings, allowing 5ER and 4 HR.  Yikes.  In his next appearance, he went 2.0 innings, sacrificing yet another home run.  Mr. Thornburg may not be a great MLB pitcher, or he could have just be wearing off the nerves.  Really no idea what to expect out of him, but hopefully he is still a nervous pitcher that has surrendered 5 HR in 7.1 innings of work.

THE SKINNY:  It’s all about whether or not Wainwright pitches to Thornburg’s level or pitches his own game.  If he pitches his own game it could turn into a lopsided affair, but Wainwright has been too inconsistent to pin down.  On Thornburg’s side, he is young, inexperienced, and shaken.  In order to win he has to pull himself together and focus on one of the toughest lineups in baseball.


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