In a story written by Jim Bowden on ESPN, he says that the Cardinals could be one of the better fits for Cole Hamels, should the Phillies decide to trade him instead of extending his contract.

The reality is that I have no idea where the Cardinals stand in regards to whether or not they will compete to win a World Series this year. Nobody does. But, I don’t think Cole Hamels is the guy they should be looking for to help them, particularly if he is not even going to resign with them once he becomes a free agent at the end of the season . Though the general saying is “you can never have enough pitching,” I believe the Cardinals do have enough starting pitching to get them through to the end of the season and far in the postseason. Between Lance Lynn, Kyle Lohse, and Adam Wainwright, this staff is extremely talented and to be honest, this staff is better than the majority of pitching staffs in the Major Leagues.

I also believe in the idea of team chemistry and the reality that Hamels is not the type of player I would want on my team. The situation in which he intentionally threw at Bryce Harper in May invited a lot of controversy to the Philadelphia clubhouse, something that Hamels has not been a stranger to throughout his career.

In order to acquire Hamels, they would have to give up a high-level prospect such as someone like Oscar Taveras and Shelby Miller, and I don’t think the front office is prepared to part with anyone of that value. The Cards should instead be looking for bullpen help. Whether it’s Francisco Rodriguez, Grant Balfour, or someone else, bullpen help will a) be much cheaper and b) more relevant to this team’s needs as they approach this upcoming pennant race.

In 2012, Cole Hamels is 11-4 with a 3.23 ERA.