According to Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it was Carlos Beltran who walked from the batting cage to the dugout to suggest manager Mike Matheny appeal to first base on Monday afternoon. This is how Beltran explained it:

“When he hit the ball he was running and looking at the ball. He never looked at the bag. I saw the sand coming off around the bag area and I just went and told them let’s try and throw to first and see. It looked like he didn’t touch first base. You have nothing to lose in that particular part of the game. The umpire was looking down so he really got a good look of what he did, and he called him out.”

This is a prime example of how Carlos Beltran just quietly continues to be a player of example. His attentiveness and awareness of the game is a great asset and big reason why he has been so successful throughout his career.