From the Post-Dispatch:

“We have total alignment on our vision with this organization and that is to compete year-in, year-out at the major-league level and we know the only way to do that consistently is to have a strong player procurement and development program,” DeWitt said.

He continued: “We made a conscious effort in 2005 to focus on that area of baseball operation. While we had excellent teams throughout that era, we sensed a weakness in our system and knew that someday those players would be moving on and we would need to restore some youth to the organization. Over the past six or seven years I think we’ve done an excellent job of living up to that vision.”

There’s no doubt about that. We can be upset about the way that last year ended up or disappointed that Albert Pujols is gone, but there is no question that the DeWitt/Mozeliak tandem has been doing good things in the city of St. Louis. There was no reason to let these extensions linger and I’m glad that we can go into the 2013 season knowing what the future of Cardinals management is going to look like for years to come.