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Rafael Furcal Will Not Need Surgery

John Mozeliak said earlier today on Inside Pitch, a show on MLB Network Radio, that Rafael Furcal will not require surgery after it was revealed from an MRI this morning that his injured elbow ligaments have completely healed. He is also expected to be ready for Spring Training, says Mozeliak.

This is obviously great news. It makes me think where Mozeliak is at now in terms of acquiring a shortstop. I think if it’s in the budget, you still have to go out and get someone. The three-time All Star is now 35 years old and simply does not have the same range or versatility that he once had. And while Daniel Descalso has displayed the reality that he has made great strides, both offensively and defensively, in regards to playing at the Major League level, I think Mozeliak needs to continue to explore other options besides Pete Kozma. The problem is that the free agent market for shortstops is pretty much non-existent. After Marco Scutaro and Stephen Drew (both of whom are expected to sign with their former teams), there is really not a whole lot out there, leaving the possibility of a trade still very much available.

In 2012, Furcal hit .264 with 5 home runs and 49 RBIS until he landed on the disabled list at the end of August. He did not play in the 2012 playoffs.

Here’s what else Mozeliak had to say from this afternoon:
ON ACQUIRING MORE PITCHING:I do think we need to add a left-handed reliever because when you saw Rzepczynski as the lone lefty out there, he wasn’t as strong. When he was paired with someone, he seemed to be more effective, so we need to address that.
ON ACQUIRING ANOTHER BAT: A bat off the bench I think would be smart. Clearly when you look at teams with that veteran bat off the bench, it’s a benefit. Our bench was extraordinarily young last year and I think it affected us late in games.