Buster Olney ranked his top ten bullpens in baseball this morning. Here’s what he had to say about the Cardinals, who he put at number ten:

“The Cardinals had a lot of bullpen adventures in the first half of last year, but by the time the postseason began, St. Louis had developed something pretty special in the quartet of closer Jason MotteMitchell BoggsEdward Mujica and, most notably, in the 22-year-old Trevor Rosenthal. In the playoffs, Rosenthal allowed two hits and no runs in 8 2/3 innings, while racking up 15 strikeouts with an overpowering fastball — more strikeouts than any St. Louis pitcher in the postseason other than Adam Wainwright.

Look, relievers are notoriously inconsistent, and history shows that today’s bullpen hero can quickly disappear tomorrow. But if Rosenthal follows up on that thread of late-season success, St. Louis could have a pretty dynamic group. The Cardinals could really use a bounce-back season from Marc Rzepczynski, to provide some left-handed balance.”

Mitchell Boggs and Edward Mujica were absolutely lights out in the second half of 2012. I too am excited to see what kind of progress Trevor Rosenthal makes in 2013. What Olney failed to mention is the fact that the Cardinals locked up Randy Choate to a three-year deal this winter, giving them a second lefty in the bullpen in addition to Marc Rzepczynski. I think this move alone makes their bullpen a lot more intimidating, and I have no doubt that their success can continue this season.