With the Countdown Dwindling to ONLY 24 DAYS, Here’s a Look at Some Busch Stadium Renovations.

Busch Stadium is already by far one of the nicest and most fun places to watch a baseball game. Cardinals fans like us pack that place each and every summer day, through thunderstorms and and crazy heat. We do this because we have a passion for Cardinals baseball, and the St. Louis front office knows this.

Well, this past offseason, the Cardinals got to work to make the game day experience one of the best in baseball. The Cardinals have been hard at work on an $8 million investment that includes two brand new “jumbotrons” and enhanced WiFi throughout the stadium.

Here’s a sneak peak that the Cardinals’ Twitter account posted just a couple of days ago…

Both of these new scoreboards will be HD, and now both will have video capabilities, as only one had the capacity to play videos last season. Fans will get the opportunity to watch their favorite players from all angles and in high definition. Let’s hope HD looks better on our Cardinals than it does on some people….

You have to love the attitude of Joe Abernathy, Cardinals Vice President of Stadium Operations, for making these upgrades. He cited the fact that the Cubs just placed new video boards in Wrigley Field as a reason for upgrading Busch Stadium. We always want to be a cut above the Cubs, no matter what aspect of baseball or the in-game experience.

Also, the fact that WiFi at Busch Stadium will be better than ever before is just a testament to where society is right now. When you’re arguing with a buddy about how many career home runs Yadier Molina has hit, now you’ll be able to look at your phone and tell him how stupid he is and that he should go buy you a hot dog because he doesn’t know his Cardinals baseball.

Overall, these in-stadium improvements that the front office in baseball are just another example that St. Louis fans are spoiled by one of the best organizations out there, always striving to provide the best quality experience for their passionate fanbase.