Last night the Cardinals got destroyed by the worst run scoring team in baseball 12-1.

The lone Cardinal run, once again, came off of a fielder’s choice and not a hit. I fatefully mentioned in my podcast on Tuesday that I could not imagine the Cardinals losing a series to the Padres. Well, now I can imagine it. The Cards are now down 2-0 on the series and look to avoid getting swept by a truly terrible team.

Joe Kelly gave up four runs over five innings–continuing the trend of weakness after coming back from injury. Choate gave up two runs in 0.0 innings pitched and again I wonder why he is still being paid. Maness gave up four runs over a whoping two outs. I am not convinced that any of the Cardinal pitchers were aware that they were going to play. You can blame Kelly, but the truth is that eight of the twelve runs came in the 7th inning after Kelly had been scratched. The real loser is Maness followed very closely by Choate.

There is no position on the Padres where I think, “wow, the Cardinals are outmanned.” At every position, the Cardinals should dominate. Their rotation is stronger, their bullpen is stronger, even their bats are a little bit stronger. So how are they losing so badly?

I think it is important to notice the moves the GM is making–or not making. Nothing offense has been prudent. AJP is fine. He does not, however, fill an offensive need–only a defensive one at catcher. Instead of going for a need, the Cardinals picked up Masterson who is a decent pitcher. His ERA is over four on the season but he has proven to have a lot of success against the NL. At the trade deadline, the Cardinals won’t make any other moves and the team will continue to suffer.