Kyle Lohse, Who Is Still Looking For A Team To Pitch For In 2013

This morning, Bill Madden discussed Scott Boras and the trouble he might have in the future (or arguably might currently have) of signing his clients to mega multi-million dollar deals, notably including Kyle Lohse who is yet to sign with a team this offseason.

Just to break this down, here’s the situation. Because the Cardinals gave Kyle Lohse a qualifying offer (1 year, $13.3 million), they assured themselves of getting a draft pick from whichever team ultimately signed the 34-year old. In the new CBA, however, not only are teams required to give up a first or second round draft pick (the first ten draft picks are protected), but now the suggested amount of money allotted toward that draft pick is given up as well, giving a lot less flexibility to teams who perhaps to wish spend some of that money on lower draft picks. For the most part, this number tends to come out around 30% of the suggested draft money. That’s a lot of money that teams are not easily willing to part away from, particularly for a 34-year old pitcher, who despite a career year in 2012, is more likely on his way down than up.

I have no doubt that Kyle Lohse will be fine. I’m sure he will end up with a multi-year deal from a club whose willing to pay him some amount of money that you or I couldn’t even dream about. It may not be the same type of Anibal Sanchez-like deal (5 years, $80 million) that he might have been hoping for a couple of months ago, but I would be very surprised if Lohse didn’t end up with a contract that was at least three years and $45 million come April.

In 2012, Lohse went 16-3 with a 2.86 ERA, and he pitched a career high of 211.0 innings.