In this article from this morning’s New York Times, Tony LaRussa is quoted as praising new Colorado Rockies’ manager Walt Weiss.

From Tyler Kepner’s article:

As a rookie under La Russa, Weiss said, he immediately picked up on his manager’s intense competitiveness, his focus on every pitch. Even now, Weiss said, when he watches a game, he tries to see it as La Russa would.

It’s hard to argue against first year managers as of late, considering the success of Mike Matheny and Robin Ventura. The Rockies are in a tough spot right now, as they finished in last place with a record of 64-98 during the 2012 season. If Weiss is really that talented, it will be interesting to see what kind of improvement they show in 2013.

Walt Weiss was hired as the Rockies manager after Jim Tracy, who had managed the team since 2009, resigned.