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DOB: 10/27/89 (26) Place of Birth: Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Teams: Mets, Cardinals Ruben Tejada was born on October 27th, 1989 in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama. His father played in the Omar Torrijos Herrera stadium next door to his house as a pitcher for the Los Indios de Verguas baseball team. Tejada grew up idolizing shortstops Derek Jeter and Omar Vizquel and aspired to play like them. In 2001, Tejada played for the Santiago de Veraguas little league team which represented the Latin American region at the Little League World Series. Two years later at the age of 13, Tejada played for the Los Indios de Veraguas as a pitcher. In 2006 Tejada signed as an international free agent with the Mets. He played in rookie ball in 2007, catching scouts attention by hitting .324 with 18 steals. He made his MLB debut in 2010 at the age of 19 years old, making him the youngest player on a Mets opening day roster since 1971.

As a Player

Position: Short Stop Bats: Right Throws: Right Lifetime Line: .255/.330/.323 Tejada is a traditional shortstop; he fields his position well while his bat lags along.Tejada has never lived up to his expectations. Once a top prospect in the Mets organization, Tejada has not been able to put it together in the MLB like the Mets have hoped. A change of scenery for Tejada, away from the high pressure in New York, can be crucial if the 26 year old shortstop wants to succeed at the MLB level. Tejada has a tendency to chase balls out of the strike zone which leads to him striking out a lot. When Tejada does hit the ball, he produces. He has the favorable tendency to hit balls on the ground or a line over hitting them in the air. If Tejada can cut down on strikeouts and hit more balls in play, he can become an above average player for the Cardinals.