The Cardinals are in a tough spot.

As of right now, the Cards are one game above .500 and on a downward slide. However, when I look at this team, I think there is no way that they should thought of as anything less than a playoff contender. Maybe not the World Series, but at least make it into October.

But, they play and win like you average .500 ball club, just enough to not be called losers for the whole year. I mean, look at last year. They missed the playoffs by 1 game. The year before that? They won 100. The trend for this year puts the Cardinals at 84 wins.

So what if they miss out? What happens then, do the Cardinals become sellers or buyers? Would they be willing to ship off some long time pieces in order to rebuild?

Can the Cardinals ride out the storm?

The one thing that the Cardinals have is plenty of  veterans who know how to play ball. If they wanted to try to ride it out and possibly contend than its not necessarily out of the picture. On paper, if the vets start producing then you can expect the Cards to compete on a decent level. But, that is not our reality. Of the 10 players on the wrong side of 30 on the 40-man roster, 5 of them can be considered cornerstone Cardinals. Only Matt Carpenter and Lance Lynn are still producing at an elite level. Waino is declining, Yadi is declining, Peralta is…well you get the picture. The other 5 are not doing terrific in my opinion either.

So unless the 30+ club can turn it around as a group, I don’t like the ride it out option.

It’s only May, but why not look toward October for the Cardinals?

Plan B?

Well plan B is the most unpopular plan of them all. We tear down and start selling off pieces. I know I know, you don’t want to see guys we have had so long go, but this is a reality that we have to face if it comes to it. Guys like Wong, Piscotty and Martinez are young enough to be fine when the Cards complete the rebuild. But guys like Carpenter, Lynn, and Fowler will have to go. Yadi and Waino can stay as vets to help coach up the young guys. But for the most part, there may be a mega tear down ahead for the Cardinals.

Don’t scream fire yet.

Whatever happens, the Cardinals will not make a decision to the season is over (unless they completely tank). So what to do now? All we as fans and writers can do is sit back and watch good ol’ baseball until something happens.

Should The Cardinals Begin To Retool?

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