Jedd Gyorko has been raking for the Cardinals, is it time to sell high?

In his second year as a Cardinal, Jedd Gyorko has already proved that he is the truth. Last season, he came out of nowhere to hit 30 dingers and nearly carry the Cardinals offense to the playoffs. This year, it’s more of the same. Gyorko is slashing .298/.358/.519 with 12 HRs. The only difference between last years Gyorko and this year’s Gyorko is that this year he’s actually playing even better.

When a player like Gyorko starts hitting out of nowhere, the trade rumors start to swirl. Last year Gyorko was in the same position but the Cardinals did not move him. This year, it’s the same story but maybe a different outcome. I believe the time is now to trade Jedd Gyorko.

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Smoke and mirrors

We all know Gyorko can’t be this good forever. Though his hot streak continues to defy logic, we know when he cools down he will cool down big. It happened at the end of the season last year, right when the Cardinals needed a playoff push and it can happen any time now. Gyorko cannot sustain this production forever.

His BABIP is .345, 45 points above average and nearly 65 points above his career average. Last year, the BABIP demons got to Gyorko at the end of the year, and this year it will happen to him too. The only difference is that it will hurt another team and not the Cardinals

High value

Jedd Gyorko, so hot right now. He just keeps hitting dingers. If anything, this is the highest Gyorko’s value will ever be. Gyorko is under contract through 2019 on a cheap deal and he’s provided extreme versatility for the Cardinals.¬†Gyorko is also only 28, which mean his prime years are now or coming up. Regardless, he will be under contract for his best stretch of baseball, something other teams will definitely like.

Not only is he carrying them on offense (well, him and Tommy Pham), but he’s also their best infield defender and can play multiple positions. Lots of contenders have a solid second baseman, shortstop or third baseman, but not a lot of them have all three. Gyorko’s versatility makes him a fit on a lot of teams. More demand for Gyorko = more return for the Cardinals in a potential trade.

His versatility and friendly contract really increase his value, but the offense is what really draws a crowd. And although it’s true the Cardinals desperately need his offense right now, it won’t be enough to carry them to the playoffs. This deep into the season it’s pretty clear the Cardinals can’t string together wins like they were supposed to.

Once Jedd Gyorko starts to regress to the mean, the Cardinals will really start to suffer offensively. What I’m saying is, there’s really not point in holding onto Gyorko right now. He’s very good, but not good enough to carry the team, and he certainty won’t be good for long. Other teams love having that guy that could launch a homer at any time. Contending teams that are looking to buy like the Red Sox or Yankees could definitely provide decent return for Gyorko.


Unlike the Lance Lynn trade, trading Jedd Gyorko would be a clear move towards 2018 regardless of return. The Cardinals would be giving up a major offensive and defensive piece, but he would probably beget a major return. The coming months will say a lot about what this front office thinks about this team.

The only reason to not trade Jedd Gyorko would be A) if you believe he will be an important piece in a postseason run this year, or B) if you believe he will be an important piece in a postseason run in the next couple of years. However, if you look at the flaws on this team and the way it’s constructed, I just don’t see them making a competent enough postseason run for Jedd Gyorko to be the X-factor at any point.

We know the slump is coming this year, and his offensive numbers in the future are the furthest thing from guaranteed. Trading him now would maximize the return on found money for the Cardinals.

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  1. Yes for sure, just like Lou Brock, Jedd cannot hold this level. Why do you trade your best player?? You need to keep the good and build around it. there are many more guys to trade. or why trade? we give away Adams. Why not wait, spend some money in the free agent route and put some more good players around Jedd. Do you think we are going to get a better and more proven player than Jedd for Jedd?

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