Mike Matheny and his Cardinals can do better

During yesterday’s game, Manager Mike Matheny looked like a genius. Matheny sent up 3 pinch hitters, all of which immediately came back in the dugout. The Cardinals tied an MLB record with 3 pinch hit homeruns during yesterday’s game with the Braves. While Matheny did make several moves to single handedly win the Cardinals the game, he has not been utilizing his roster properly.

First and foremost, Jedd Gyorko needs to come out of the lineup. Gyorko started the game yesterday with two errors back to back in the first inning. He is a liability in the field and even worse at the plate. Granted, it is still early in the season but throughout his career Gyorko has not once proved that he is capable of being an everyday player.

Second, Matt Adams should not be batting 4th in any lineup. Adams averages 1 homerun per 28 at bats for his career and last season he was even worse averaging 1 homerun per every 35 at bats. To put that stat in perspective, last season Dexter Fowler averaged 35 at bats per homerun and he hits leadoff for the Chicago Cubs.

Like I wrote in my last article, Adams should be traded for a washing machine. If General Manager John Mozeliak can negotiate for a bucket of balls then I think we should take it.

We talked about who Matheny shouldn’t play, so who should we play? Well the answer is simple, the players who can hit the ball and play the field. Jeremy Hazelbaker, my favorite player, has been a monster this season. He has 6 at bats on the seasons and 3 of them are for extra base hits.

Hazelbaker is hot, there’s no arguing that so this begs the question: why won’t Matheny play him. In baseball, everybody gets hot at times and in the same sense, everyone slumps at times. It is the manager’s job to play the players who are preforming to obtain the best result for their team. Needless to say, it’s time for Matheny to wake up.

Tonight was a perfect example about how Matheny is not properly managing this team. Both Garcia and Diaz lost the shortstop job to Gyorko and tonight, both Garcia and Diaz helped win the game for the cards while Gyorko, to put it lightly, didn’t.

Before spring training started, I preached that Gyorko should not see an inning on the field this season and, although it is early, Gyorko has proven me right.

It is obvious to everyone but Matheny, Hazelbaker should be in left, Holliday should be at first, Diaz should be at short, and Adams and Gyorko should be on a bus to Memphis or hopefully somewhere else.

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